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Temperate WoodLands and Shrublands

The Problem "DDT"

Description of Temperate Woodlands/Shrublands

          We are studying the temperate woodlands. These woodlands are mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere. They are many found in Europe and South-East China. These woodlands are the home to a variety of animals.  The woodlands house many plants as well like these trees, shrubs, grasses, ferns, and flowers. Some of the varied trees that grow here are oaks, beeches, and birches. These trees provide many animals with shelter and food. There is also a very wide variety of animals this is only a few. Of the larger mammal species are the rabbits, deer, and badgers. These large mammals eat mainly the grass and the badger feasts upon the earth worms and the amphibians.  There are also small mammals. These are wood mice, voles, and shrews. There are also the carnivores such as the fox, weasel, wolves, and lynx.


          The Temperate woodlands have very different climates than other places do. They have warm summer and very short and cold winters. The rain that they receive stays about the same throughout the years.  They are one of the most fertile places on the earth.  These woodlands are now becoming endangered because of the need for wood. They would cut down trees in the woodlands for the wood. Then when the land was bare they would plant crops and farm the land. The woodland that wasn't cleared for wood are now badly affected by pollution. The main thing that causes the most damage is the acid rain. We could do many things to help save these woodlands. We could plant trees in gardens and in parks to cut down on the carbon dioxide. We could go to an area where the trees are not as important to shelter, feed and house animals. This is our project about the Temperate Woodlands biome.

Page By: Andrew Whelton